Wednesday, 10 July 2013

New Changes Coming to Rev It Up Project!!

Hey everyone, it's Hurricane Rev here! I hope everyone is doing fine at the moment and doing well. I hope everyone is getting ready for the Summer holidays!! But I just want to let you guys know on what's going on with our project at the moment. Well, I know we haven't been updating the blog recently but that's because we have been really busy with stuffs and we literally had no time to update the blog. But Now that I'm finally free for the Summer holidays, I'm ready to start working on it again and Trust Me, there will be a lot of New Changes that will come into play for this exciting project!! We're going to have a new proper site for this project which will be up soon (hopefully in August/September time) and there are a lot of exciting new features that will be coming your way!! This project is going to get a whole lot bigger and I can't wait when the time comes! I've told some people about and lets just say that they were very excited about the new things coming!

But yeah, I want to let you guys know that we are not finish with this project yet. In fact, we are only getting started!! Good things come to those that wait.........................

- Rev

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