Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A New Arcade Opened in London!! - Heart Of Gaming

The past weekend, it was the launch of a very brand new arcade which is known by "The Heart of Gaming" which is located in Acton and The owner of the brand new arcade in London is Fire-Bug. Heart Of Gaming is a change of a direction from the restoration and selling on of arcade equipment to the operation of a full blown arcade!!

Last weekend, there was over 100 people that went to the Arcade's opening weekend and it was a HUGE SUCCESS for the arcade. There will be a lot of good stuffs that will be happening at this Arcade.

In fact, this weekend (20th-21st April), there will be an event that will happen at the Arcade which is known as Ultimate Clash. I will give you more information on that very soon and Make sure you check out the arcade when you can!! The following is the Address for the Arcade.....

10 Cullen Way
NW10 6JZ

To see more pictures of the Heart Of Gaming Arcade, click on the link below.....


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