Wednesday, 10 July 2013

New Changes Coming to Rev It Up Project!!

Hey everyone, it's Hurricane Rev here! I hope everyone is doing fine at the moment and doing well. I hope everyone is getting ready for the Summer holidays!! But I just want to let you guys know on what's going on with our project at the moment. Well, I know we haven't been updating the blog recently but that's because we have been really busy with stuffs and we literally had no time to update the blog. But Now that I'm finally free for the Summer holidays, I'm ready to start working on it again and Trust Me, there will be a lot of New Changes that will come into play for this exciting project!! We're going to have a new proper site for this project which will be up soon (hopefully in August/September time) and there are a lot of exciting new features that will be coming your way!! This project is going to get a whole lot bigger and I can't wait when the time comes! I've told some people about and lets just say that they were very excited about the new things coming!

But yeah, I want to let you guys know that we are not finish with this project yet. In fact, we are only getting started!! Good things come to those that wait.........................

- Rev

Friday, 10 May 2013

Rev It Up Interview Series #7 - Mark Saville from Special Effects

Our Rev It Up Interview Series has returned for the seventh time and we have got a very special one for you! I had an extreme pleasure to interview Mark Saville from the Charity Special Effect! For those that don't know, Special Effect is an amazing gaming charity that helps support children of all ages and have disability to enjoy playing games to their fullest! They have done alot of incredible stuffs to raise money for the children and alot people have been donating money to the charity!   

Hurricane Rev - Please tell me a bit about yourself

Mark Saville - I'm nominally the person that handles the communications at SpecialEffect, although as we're a small charity, everyone has a hand in everything!

Hurricane Rev - How did you get into gaming?

Mark Saville - Most of the older staff at the charity (including myself) have been playing games to varying degrees since Asteroids arcade machines appeared in fish and chip shops, but we've got a couple of hardcore gamers in the charity who dream in machine code.

Hurricane Rev - Can you tell me what Special Effect is all about?

Mark Seville - It's essentially about improving quality of life - it's about helping to level the gaming playing field so that people of all ages and disabilities get the best chance possible to benefit from the inclusion, competitiveness and fun of video games.

Hurricane Rev - What made you want to set up a charity that you are doing?

Mark Saville - Dr Mick, our CEO, has been using technology to help with people with severe disabilities all his life, and time after time he was hearing from disabled people that what they really wanted was a way to enjoy themselves - a way to interact and socialise with others in the ways that we all take for granted. Video games were already becoming massively popular at the time and he realised that there was no-one specialising in matching assistive gaming technology to individual needs.

Hurricane Rev - What kind of things have Special Effect did in the past to support gamers with disabilities?

Mark Saville - I think the emphasis has always been on providing personalised help. We're not the sort of charity that will buy up a load of gaming kit and leave it in a hospital; our assessment teams visit people in their own homes wherever possible and work on solutions that really work for them. Sometimes it might be a small mod to a controller that gives someone with a hand injury the means to game competitively again, and at other times it might be a series of visits to someone with a progressive condition. In these cases we'll often start by modding the controllers for limited hand movement and then, as the condition progresses, we might introduce voice control, and then finally eye control.

We have a couple of occupational therapists on the team who provide the vital role of making sure that people can game safely and comfortably. They're fantastic. Often they can reposition and arm or a hand in a way that brings out a small finger movement that we can use to control a button or a switch. And keeping tabs on all the adapted controllers and high-tech out there is a challenge, but we've got some great supporters who'll alert us if anything new comes out.

It's all based on a belief that there's no one-size-fits-all solution. We helped an severely injured serviceman recently who had been struggling with a one-handed controller for six months. We managed to set him up with a very different system that matched his specific abilities and now he's gaming competitively with his mates again.

Loans are central to our work. We might find that an adapted joystick seems to be the answer on the day of a visit, but it's only by lending the kit over a longer period of time that we can be sure. It's try-before-you-buy, essentially, but we don't actually sell the equipment - as a charity we've no interest in becoming dealers, and we want to remain unbiased in recommending combinations of kit.

We're learning all the time - finding out which Kinect games work best with a wheelchair, for example, or experimenting with muscle twitch switches and brain control systems. Sometimes we're mounting switches and joysticks to knees, arms, feet... you name it, but there's no better feeling than getting it right. We spent a shedload of time helping a guy with very advanced muscular dystrophy to play CoD again recently, and he didn't say goodbye as we left - he was just too engrossed and overjoyed to be playing the game he never thought he'd be able to control again. That's brilliant!

Hurricane Rev - How has it been to work with children who has disabilities?

Mark Saville - Our aim is to focus on people's abilities, and then build from there. The people we help are the stars of the show, and their own determination to succeed is astonishing. It's a real privilege to be working alongside them, no matter how difficult it is to find the best environment and equipment for them.

Hurricane Rev - Has it been really challenging to come up with unique ideas to help support the children?

Mark Saville - Pretty much every day. We're thinking on our feet all the time, and sometimes we'll utilise some pretty bizarre solutions. For example, there's a particular brand of foam padded garden twine that our OTs sometimes use as a temporary way of stabilising some types of wrist movement.

Hurricane Rev - How do you feel when people are donating money to your charity by them doing stuffs like holding events, running, etc?

Mark Saville - Overwhelmed. We're running out of ways to say thank you! And people are raising money in such fantastic ways. For example, a ten year-old girl called Mina raised £500 doing a sponsored scoot between Boscombe and Bournemouth piers last year, and we're gobsmacked that Nik Elvy's had our logo tattooed on his arm. We're so grateful that people really get what we're trying to do. For anyone who's donated time or money, no matter how small, we give you a huge and heartfelt thank you!

Hurricane Rev - For people that don't know, how can they donate to your charity?

Mark Saville - Events of any description are fantastic - we'd like people to have fun raising money! There are still places on our British 10k team in July, which is going to be a stormer. Find out more at 

And what would really help us right now are small, regular donations - they can give the charity more stability and allow us to plan into the future. Even a couple of pounds a month is fantastic. They're easy to set up on our JustGiving page by clicking the monthly donation tab at

Hurricane Rev - Any plans on what Special Effects will be doing in the Future?
Mark Saville - Much, much more of the same. There's a huge number of disabled people that can benefit in so many ways from access to gaming, so we'll be keeping tabs on the games industry and technology as it moves on and doing our best to keep up with demand!

Hurricane Rev - Will you be attending any events this year?

Mark Saville - We've got our fingers crossed for Eurogamer, and we'll be at Insomnia49 courtesy of the splendid folk at Multiplay.

Monday, 6 May 2013

DOATEC London starts This Friday!!

I am very happy to announce the very first of London's DOA Casual Event, DOATEC London, which will happen this Friday! DOATEC London is the newest weekly DOA casual event in London, where Dead Or Alive is the Main event, and that it will take place at Heart Of Gaming Arcade on Friday 10th May 2013!! The games will be Dead Or Alive 5 and previous DOA games such as DOA3 and DOA2, that will be at the event. Also, This ISN'T a Tournaments!! It is a straight out weekly Casual event. So come and join in on the DOA action!!

Date: Friday 10th May 2013
Venue: Heart Of Gaming
Entry: £7
Time: 6pm - Late
Games: DOA5, DOA3 and DOA2

The address for the venue

10 Cullen Way
Park Royal
NW10 6JZ

This is an event not to be miss and it is time to start to move the DOA community forward!

I hope to see you there!

Thursday, 2 May 2013

The Average Gamer presents The Gaming Den Grid 2 Edition - Saturday 4th May 2013

This Saturday, the people over at The Average Gamer will be holding another of their event, The Gaming Den where the players are able to get their hands on and try out the new racing game, Grid 2, which is set release on the 31st May! If you are a fan of the racing game Grid, then you do not want to miss out on This! We will be attending this event and getting players' views of the game.

They will be running a full-screen Power Lap-style tournament on the Red Bull Ring track. Set the fastest time on the day and you’ll win an awesome prize pack of GRID 2 goodies as well as a signed copy of the game on the platform of your choice, sent to you when the game is launched on 31st May.

There is also a retro games room where you can play all the old school games from the pass. Over in the retro room, You can see the full list of retro games and platforms available over on the permanent Gaming Den page.

When: Saturday 4th May 2013

Time: 2pm to 11pm.

Visual Collective
10 Vyner Street
London E2 9DG

Here is a short trailer of Grid 2 which is showcasing the multiplayer feature of the game!!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Get A Life Podcast Episode 55 Featuring MASTER Part 1

Bish Loves Mish, who is the host of his popular Get A Life Podcast, has recently invited a very well known US Top Dead Or Alive 5 Player, which is MASTER on to the Podcast. They discussed about the current state of the game Dead Or Alive 5 and he asked MASTER on what he thinks of the latest patch for DOA5. He also covers the DOA community over in the US, the characters' costumes in DOA5 and how MASTER got into Dead Or Alive and what future will be like for DOA. Eve You can listen to the latest podcast on iTunes, which is in the Link below. This is Part 1 of the podcast and the Part 2 of the podcast will be availble to listen to next week.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Black Ops II: First Of Many Ninja Defuses by JagerBombBx

Ever planted a bomb on Call of Duty and wondered why it got defused so early? Probably because of this guy! JagerBombBx shows us his Black Ops II skills in 'ninja defusing'. Ninja defusing is simply sat near or at the bomb while the enemy player plants the bomb unaware of your stealthy presents - then defuse it quickly! JagerBomb gets sneaky on this and follows enemy members around till they plant the bomb.
Not only is this entertaining to watch but the other team players reactions are also priceless.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Razer Colosseum Games featuring Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 and King Of Fighters 13 tournament - Sunday April 28th

This Sunday, We will be attending an event that will be run by the guys over at Unequalled Media and Ludus Magnus will be holding Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 AND King Of Fighters 13 tournamants at Yates which is in Harrow. All the details and information about this event below........

Time: Doors open 12.30pm – 8pm

UMVC3 sign ups: 12.30pm – 1.15pm • Tourn: 1.30pm

KOF13 Sign ups: 12.30pm – 2.45pm • Tourn: 3pm

Platform: XBox 360

Controllers: NOT SUPPLIED – BAC [ Bring a Controller ]

Headsets: Razer Carcharias

Format: Round Robin Groups into Double Elimination
UMVC3: Best of 5 throughout
KOF : Matches will be best of 3 • G.Finals best of 3

Limit: 64 participants

Stream: (The stream will start at 2pm)
Signups: £8 online sign ups • limited on-the-day signups will charged at £10

Prize Payout: Prize money will be bank transfer, paid out within 7 days after the event
Free entry to venue, free for casuals & spectators

To find more information about this event, click on the below...